Pleased to meet you. I’m Kylie Crofts. With an ‘s’. No relation to Lara, although I am a bit kick a** when it comes to HR. I’m a human resources (realised) leader who’s been at this for a little while. I’ve been told HR is my hobby, which is geeky and sad, but true. I’m curious and passionate about the employee experience and linking that experience to better outcomes for customers and the business. If your business provides any kind of service, it’s your people that deliver it. Their employee experience is your customer experience so let’s see if we can do better for the humans.

I love ideas. Even better, I love turning an idea into a solution that is practical, simple and really works.

I’m a mum of two boys. On the weekend I’m Chief Catering Officer and Gear Girl (translates to kart mum who packs the snacks and makes sure the boys are geared up for their next race). Reminds me how important dreams are – theirs and mine. We love a family adventure which usually involves exploring in and around the racetracks we visit.

Let’s stop when work is human.