Everything you communicate says something about your brand. So why are so many HR policies written in such a stabby way?

The rest of the organisation is churning out awesome marketing and comms materials. They’re branded. The language is conversational. The tone is friendly. I want to engage. Then we open up the HR policies. Lordy be.

Legalistic. Compliance oriented. Soul crushing. You’re a spectator in this customer journey. Hold tight while we tell you what to do in agonising detail because you clearly can’t figure it out for yourself. Actually, we’re not going to tell you what to do. We’re going to list a whole a whole ton of stuff you MUST NOT DO.

When was the last time you used “shall” in your out loud voice? If you can answer that in the affirmative you need to step aside so we can chat in a minute. If it was only because you were reading out loud from a policy that someone else wrote you may sit back down. Thank you for your honesty.

We’re talking brand and customer experience now. We’re talking past employee engagement and onto employee experience. Yet many HR policies haven’t followed suit. Why my HR friends? Why?

We can communicate expectations in a way that doesn’t sound like the Ten Commandments. Or mum and dad giving you a lecture when you snuck out on a Friday night when you were fourteen.

I think if we tried we could communicate expectations in a way where people might actually want to try to meet that expectation. Off their own bat. Because maybe they actually want to? And they see the sense in it? Get that lady some smelling salts! Her nerves!

What do your policies say about you?

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